● We require payment in cash or card upon arrival.

● After check-in, there is no refund under any circumstance.

● Deposits paid are non-refundable.


*** Notice: If your booking is over GBP 175.00, Walrus Inns Ltd may contact you via e-mail to request a payment for the first night of your reserved stay in advance as a deposit. Failure to reply to this e-mail or complete the requested payment within time limit may result in the cancellation of your booking.



Any cancellations, both total or partial for hostel bookings, regardless of the hostel agent site used (eg. Hostel World, Hostel Bookers, etc...), are subject to a 48 hour cancellation policy.


Cancellations must be made within 48 hours of scheduled arrival date at the hostel.


Cancellations can be made in person, via e-mail or via telephone. Your cancellation is complete when you receive a written confirmation from our staff via e-mail (from hostel@


Age Restriction Policy

Bookings cannot be accepted from any person under the age of 18 unless they are accompanied by an adult (over 25-Legal guardian or parents). Bookings under qualifying circumstances must book a private room to ensure maximum safety and easy supervision of children under age.


If you book before reading our age restriction policy and are coming with a person under age please e-mail as soon as possible and inform us of the situation.


We reserve the right to cancel any reservation that fails to imply to our Age Restriction Policy at any time.


Unlike some hostels we do not have an upper-age limit. Most of our guests are backpackers in the 18 to 30 age range. Please be aware that you may be assigned to a top bunk and that we do not have elevators.


 Arrivals and Departures

New arrivals can check into their rooms after 2pm each day. Guests may arrive earlier and leave their luggage at the hostel but access to rooms will not be granted until after 2pm.


Departing guests must remove all their belongings from their room, and check out, before 11am. After this time guests may make use of the luggage storage facilities, but all possessions must be removed from the room and the security card handed back to reception.



We do require that some form of valid photo identification is presented upon check in. These include: valid Passports, National Identification Cards (ID), or Driving Licenses.


We reserve the right to decline check-in and cancel reservations in full if at check-in if you seem drunk, in any form intoxicated, aggressive or otherwise unfit from a general health and safety perspective. This is entirely up to our staff to decide.



Guests must hand all security room cards back to reception. Check out is at 11 am. In the event of a late check out, you will be asked to pay for an extra night.


Health & Safety

You must not cause fire or any other domestic hazard. Please be sensible, responsible and read information on the walls, doors and appiliances where provided.


It is forbidden to smoke in any part of the building. Anyone caught smoking indoors will be asked to leave the premises immediately with all their remaining bookings cancelled without refund.


You may not bring anything into the building that could be in any form dangerous from a health & public safety perspective. No pets, no designer drugs, no weapons. If you are unsure whether we would consider some of your possessions unsafe, please ask the staff!


Anti-Social Behaviour

We do not tolerate any form of anti-social behaviour towards other guests, our staff or our neighbourhood.


You must be respectful and considerate with other guests at all times. Repeated complaints on inappropriate or otherwise unfit behaviour by a guest may result in expulsion.


It is forbidden to posess/sell/use hallucinogen drugs in the hostel. They are also mostly illegal in the UK , so we are obliged by law to contact the police, would anyone be found carrying/selling/using illegal drugs in the hostel.


Anyone drunk, disorderly, physically or verbally abusive will be immediately expelled from the hostel. We reserve the right to retain all fees paid for any remaining bookings if we had to cancel your stay due to your unacceptable behaviour.


Damages to the Properties of The Walrus Inns Ltd.

You may be held responsible to pay compensation for any damages done by you to the building, furniture and other assets that are the properties of The Walrus Inns Ltd.


Refund Policy

For hostel bookings made in advance over £175.00 a first nights deposit is required and is non refundable. In the case of any booking (over £175.00) which has been fully, or partially paid in advance, Walrus Inns Ltd is able to refund the cost of the booking excluding the value of the first night only if the cancellation is made by email to 20 days in advance of the arrival date.


Credit Card

A valid credit card is required as guarantee. At this point we charge a service fee of GBP 1.50- only. Accommodation you’ll pay on arrival.


 No Shows

In case of a “no show” (that is you booked, didn’t cancel but didn’t show up) we’ll charge the first night’s rate on your card.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations and modifications are allowed up to 48 hours prior arrival without any costs. You can do this anytime online using this same booking engine.


Company Details

Walrus Inns Ltd. - 172 Westminster Bridge Rd  SE1 7RW - London, UK

Company registration No:07727725 | VAT No.124727617

Phone : 02079284368 | E-mail Company Secretary at: (this email is NOT for reservations or cancellations enquiries, for any of these please contact:!)


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Refund Policy

Refund Policy
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Refund Policy